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10 signs of a cycling obsessive

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We all know them, they can be some of our nearest and dearest – cycling obsessives! Check out how to spot one, there’s no cure we’re afraid!

Their current Facebook cover page includes pictures of their bike, not family, friends or their significant other.

• They look at Strava as soon as they finish a training session to compare previous sessions and see how they fare against other cyclists.

• They feel its OK to have ‘unique’ tan lines on your legs and arms from long summer rides.

• They no longer need a tissue to blow their nose.

• Tubes, wheels and bike components are their favourite topic of conversation.

• Their holidays always involve cycling.

• Their wardrobe is 90% cycling gear 10% normal clothes

• They wash their bike, end to end after every long cycle.

• They own at least one bike more expensive than their car.

• They no longer go out for drinks on Saturday night because they want to be fresh for an early Sunday morning long bike ride.

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