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6 Signs You Love Your Bike More Than Your Partner

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The bond between a bike and its owner is a truly unique one. And it is something that only a fellow bike owner will ever understand. But is there a point where you start to love your bike a little too much? We’d be willing to bet that your non-bike-loving partner certainly thinks so. Here are six signs that certainly prove that your bike ranks higher in priority than your partner. How many are you guilty of?!

1.The cheapest component on your bike cost more than any present you have ever purchased your partner.

You don’t bat an eyelid about forking out a substantial amount on a new groupset, wheels or anything else when it comes to your beloved steed. After all it’s important to get your loved one the best of the best. €20 is a more than generous amount to spend on your partner’s birthday present though, isn’t it?!

2. You’d rather be out in the lashing rain on a Saturday morning than cosied up in bed with your loved one.

While your partner might think you have a screw loose for rising at dawn in the middle of summer they will be utterly baffled at your enthusiasm to leave the warm and cosy confines of your shared bed in mid-winter to head out for a ride in the pouring rain.

3. Cleaning your bike is more important than any other household chore.

It doesn’t matter how many times your partner has begged you to bring out the bins, unload the dishwasher or put on the washing, no household task is more important than cleaning your bike. Your partner will never understand how you manage to get such a shine off your bike when you can’t even manage to give the table a cursory wipe down after dinner.  

4. When somebody asks how your better half is, you immediately assume they are talking about your bike.

It’s always a touch awkward when somebody asks about your better half or the love of your life and you reply that they are cycling beautifully.

5. Your screensaver on every device you own is dedicated to your bike.

You and your bike on top of a glorious ascent, you and your bike whizzing down a scenic descent, your bike enjoying a well-earned break at your favourite coffee shop…all of these options seem like better screensaver choices than a romantic photo with your other half.

6. Your house is broken into and your first question is whether or not your bike is OK.

You receive a call to say that you’ve been burgled in the middle of the night and your first worry is whether your beloved bike is still there. Be warned, this reaction really doesn’t go down well with your other half, especially if they were in the house at the time of the break-in!